IT Service Catalogue

User Provisioning

Parameter Description
Service Name User Provisioning Service
Service Type Technical
Service Category Infrastructure
Location Enterprise RIL
Business Unit Enterprise RIL
Service Status Production
Primary Supplier IT
Standard Business Service Description
  • Available to users who are employee/consultant/Affiliates of Reliance Industries Ltd
  • User AD Accounts will be created after business manager approval received by Central System Administrator Team/HR & complete information in ID creation form.
  • User AD accounts will be provisioned & informed to the users within 24 hours of the request & subsequent approvals.
  • Each user will have his / her own individual and identical user account
  • The GETIT Team reserves the right to refuse an account creation request if the applicant does not meet one of the above criteria or in case of incomplete information
Availability Hours 24*7
Support Hours 16 x 6 on Weekdays
Support Information  Help with resolving problems and issues with this service can be obtained via:
  • Raising incident through web portal -
  • Mailing to GetIT –
  • By calling on +912244774357
  • 16 x 6 service window (7:00AM to 11:00PM) Mon to Sat
Critical Period NA
Peak Period NA
Maintenance Windows NA
Data Backup Policy NA
Data Retention Policy NA
Change Protocol Through CAB
Outage Protocol NA
Sign Up Information
  1. User ID Creation Form: To be used to create new Domain ID.
  2. Automated form generation in GETIT through ESS and Rconnect.
Service Price NA
Dependent Services AD and EMAIL