IT Service Catalogue

E-Mail Messaging

Parameter Description
Service Name E-Mail Messaging Service
Service Type Business
Service Category Communications Service
Location Enterprise RIL
Business Unit Enterprise RIL
Service Status Production
Service Priority / Criticality Critical
Primary Supplier IT
Standard Business Service Description
  • Sends and receives email messages, both internally and via the Internet.
  • Provides a calendar feature with scheduling capability.
  • Provides for up to 500MB of mailbox storage space by default.
  • Provides an easily accessible Global address list of email addresses.
  • Provides access to email outside Reliance network via VPN services.
  • Provides the ability to create “distribution groups” holding a number of email addresses for easy distribution.
  • Provides access to mailbox via a browser.
  • Provides access to mails on Standard approved Handheld.
  • Provides virus and spam free emails.
  • Bulk email (Internal Circulars) facilities to RIL users
Optional Business Service Description Optional Feature Such as:
  • Audit of Webmail access quarterly basis
  • Audit of ActiveSync access monthly basis
  • Recovering whitespace of mailbox database
  • Audit of unused mailboxes and DL
  • Removing unused SMTP relay access
Availability Hours 24 x 7
Support Hours 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Support Information  Help with resolving problems and issues with this service can be obtained via:
Critical Period NA
Peak Period 10:00AM to 7:00PM
SLTs Targets for this service are:
  • Provide availability of 99.9% not including scheduled change outages
  • Measure availability based on Mail Server uptime
  • Process requests to add, delete, or change the name of an email account within 48 hrs.
  • Restore service within 2 hours for a Severity 1 outage, within 24 hours for Severity 2 outage, and within 48 hours for a Severity 3 outage.
Maintenance Windows After Business Hours
Data Backup Policy Daily Incremental Backup and weekly full Backup
Data Retention Policy 14 days.
Change Protocol Through CAB 
Outage Protocol NA
Sign Up Information Following forms are available to users for the purpose
  1. Email Requisition Form : To be used to get Corporate email account
  2. Web Mail Form: A special request to access corporate email outside Reliance network. Currently this service is discontinued as it is highly recommended to go for VPN service with two factor authentication.
  3. Email on Smart Phones: A special request to access corporate email on Symbian's and Windows Operating system based certified handhelds.
Service Price NA